Working Papers

Dr John Regan, Blog post: The Concept of System in David Hume’s The History of England

Dr Paul Nulty, Blog post: Titles in Digital Book Collections, 1700–1900

Concept Drift Workshop at International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, Bologna, Italy, 2016
Gabriel Recchia, Ewan Jones, Paul Nulty, John Regan, and Peter de Bolla presented: Tracing Shifting Conceptual Vocabularies Through Time
Workshop paper
Workshop presentation

Gabriel Recchia, Blog post:  Numberless Degrees of Similitude: A Response to Ryan Heuser’s ‘Word Vectors in the Eighteenth Century, Part 1′

Paul Nulty, Research paper:  Network Visualisations for Exploring Political Concepts

Nulty, P. Detecting and Visualizing the Linguistic Structure of Political Concepts. presented at: Applied Quantitative Text Analysis Conference, LSE. 2017

Nulty, P. and Regan, J. Methods for Distributional Concept Analysis. presented at: The Digital Archive Today Colloquium, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge. 2017